The best career choices for people who love airplanes


The aviation industry has some of the most lucrative careers. If you love airplanes and you dream of working in the aviation industry or doing things that are related to airplanes, you should be making plans to join a reputable aviation school. However, it is important to know about different career options available to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Here are the top career choices for you if you love airplanes:


If you are not afraid of heights and you have passion for flying airplanes, you can decide to become a pilot. You should also be able to coordinate your mind and your limbs well to be a good pilot. A pilot’s work is demanding. You should be prepared to be away from home for a long time when you decide to become a pilot. As a pilot, you are expected to have the ability to remain calm under tense circumstances. If you are the type of person who can’t handle pressure, then you are not a good candidate for this job. When you are the one flying a plane, the lives of all people in the plane depend on your decisions. If you are not patient, responsible and confident, you will put the life of the people on board at great risk.

Air hostess

The responsibility of an air hostess is to ensure that passengers have a comfortable, trouble free and safe journey. An air hostess is also required to teach passenger how to use different safety equipment in times of crisis and to conduct first aid to any passenger who feels sick when traveling. This is a job that requires common sense. As a good air hostess, you should be friendly, patient and polite to other people. Air hostesses also provide catering services to the passengers. They spend a lot of their time on the feet.

Air traffic controller

The work of air traffic control is to ensure that there is efficient flow of aircrafts in airports. They have to ensure that there are no delays. Safety is a primary concern to air traffic controllers. They play a major role in ensuring that planes land and take off safely. They are responsible for managing the flow of airplanes into and out of airports. They also monitor the airplanes that are traveling through the skies. An air traffic controller has to be keen to prevent confusions that can be catastrophic.

Aircraft maintenance engineer

The work of an aircraft maintenance engineer is to ensure that an aircraft is in perfect condition before it leaves an airport. An engineer has to ensure the passengers will be safe when they board a given airplane. An engineer will be required to do routine or schedule maintenance jobs on airplanes. They diagnose all the airplanes to check their air worthiness. An aircraft engineer may be forced to work in very tough environments and for long hours. This will be a great career for you if you are passionate about the engineering aspect of planes.


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