First Steps to Become a Pilot


If you have been considering becoming a pilot, the first thing you should to is getting a private pilot’s license. You should therefore know what to consider when choosing a school for your pilot training.

1. Know whether you want to use the part 141 or the part 61 schools

The difference between these two, apart from the number of flight requirements, is that part 61 schools are occasionally monitored by the FAA to ensure that they are following the guidelines and approved syllabus in teaching their students. For this reason part 61 is mostly recommended for beginners as it has more basic training and is more censored.

2. Make a list of flight schools in your area and visit them

Paying for flight schools is no joke. You will be required to pay a lot of money to reach the point where you qualify and get a pilot’s license. An online search is the best way to find schools that are near your home. Because you are paying a lot of money, you should go visit the school in person so as to make sure it is the kind of school you would want to study in.

3. Ask the right questions

When you visit the school, you need to ask some important questions so as to choose the school and the course that is most suitable for you, and also to make sure that this is a truly reputable school. The course should have the right schedule so that you will be able to fit in the lessons in your current routine and work schedule,. There will be both full time and part time courses, and the fees and course duration will vary accordingly. You should check how many planes does the school have, the number of students that will be in class, and also ask to see the syllabus of their training program. Based on this information you will be better able to choose the right pilot course for you.

4. Checking about the instructor/s

Cessna 180Getting to know who will be teaching you is crucial. You need to know if the tutors are qualified and what their schedule is. Check how long they have been teaching pilots and other relevant details about their experience.

Besides their experience and qualifications, you also need to like your instructor/s and find them pleasant to work with. The course will extend over a considerable period of time and so you will be dealing with this tutor for quite a long time. Therefore they need to be people that will understand what you need in order for you to fully understand the lessons and feel comfortable with them.

After the completion of your course the FAA will give you a private pilot license (PPL) which will enable you to fly different kinds of air crafts and also carry passengers. This license is however only for personal and pleasure purposes. You will be required to have at least flown an airplane for more than 90 hours and done several solo flight tests before you qualify to get the actual pilot license. You should also pass all the tests in class and passed the age limit for flying. You will be allowed to upgrade this license after several classes and certificates.

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