History Of Cessna Aircraft


CessnaClyde Cessna pioneered the modern aviation industry through his desire, natural ability and passion. Besides being one of the fore fathers of aviation, Clyde Cessna also set the bar for other aircraft manufacturers who want to experience the longevity Cessna Aircraft Company has enjoyed. Clyde Cessna was highly instrumental in the manufacturing and development of monoplanes. Before he started the Cessna Aircraft Company, Clyde Cessna spent most of his time designing and building his own aircraft. However his passion for flight and manufacturing aircraft gained momentum when his started the Cessna Aircraft Company in 1927.

Commercial success

After forming his own company, Clyde built his vision of an ideal aircraft which was a full cantilever winged monoplane that was dubbed The Phantom. His first Cessna all purpose aircraft successfully took off on 13th August 1927. The Phantom along with models such a DC-6 and Model AW sold well and were commercially successful the start of the Great depression.

Since originally designing and building a monoplane that uses a wing without any supporting braces or struts, Cessna has designed and manufactured some of the most advanced aircraft. Every aircraft that Cessna created exceeded the quality standards at the time.

Innovation and design

In order to maintain control of the market, Cessna continues to display innovation in manufacturing and designing new aircraft. Therefore, just like any other industry the scientists and designers in the aviation industry continue to produce according to the changing times by going beyond the wildest imagination.

Cessna was bought by General Dynamics Corporation in 1985 and the production of single piston engine aircraft was discontinued in 1986 due to product liability. Textron Inc bought Cessna in 1992 and after the General Aviation Revitalization act was passed in 18994, they resumed production of piston engine aircraft including the 206, 182, and 172 designs.

Cessna 180Cessna purchased the bankrupt Columbia Aircraft Company on 27 November 2007 for USD 26.4Mand announced that they would produce the Columbia 400 and 350 models as the Cessna 400 and 350 models at the Columbia aircraft Factory in Bend Oregon.

Nowadays, Cessna makes single engine aircraft, utility turbo props and light to mid-size business jets. Some of the common Cessna aircraft models include Cessna 400, Cessna 310, Cessna 206, Cessna 182, Cessna 172, Cessna 152, and Cessna 150.These earlier designs paved the way for Cessna Aircraft Company some of the higher quality jets in terms of technological advancement and power.

Cessna Aircraft Company has sold over 200,000 aircraft to date all across the world. A huge percentage of their sales can be attributed to singe engine aircraft, which basically controlled the market over a few decades.

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