All You Need To Know About Getting an Introduction Experience to Being a Pilot


Cessna 180Have you ever been curious what it would feel like to fly an airplane? The good news is that you don’t actually need to pursue a career as a pilot to do that, since there are many Aeronautics Academies you can go to and receive a quick training that will eventually allow you to fly a plane for fun. These academies are generally staffed with every experienced, yet also enthusiastic staff that is going to guide you through this incredible experience and help you to finally take command of your dreams.

Who can enjoy this amazing experience?

A flight school is a good way to learn the ropes when it comes to flying a plane and what’s best about it is that the requirements are truly liberal. In general, people who can take these lessons include:

  1. Individuals with NO flying experience.
  2. Individuals who are under six foot seven.
  3. Individuals who are under 250 pounds.
  4. Individuals who are over fourteen years old.
  5. And finally, even individuals who are colorblind can take these classes.

Whom you’re going to fly with

As anyone who may be thinking of becoming a pilot in the future, one of the most pressing questions is the safety of flying an aircraft. The good news is that safety is the number one concern of every flight school out there. On top of that, every flight instructor is in 99% of the cases an ex military and some of them come from some of the leading flight training schools in the country. Because of that, people can have the peace of mind that taking these courses is both safe and a lot of fun.

Will I get motion sickness? Getting motion sickness is something that may happen to some individuals, but one thing that needs to be mentioned right from the start is that this does not have anything to do with the experience of the staff or the aircrafts. However, according to flight instructors, about ten percent of new pilots will experience an upset stomach at the end of their training, but it’s not as bad as some may think it is. Even better, this is going to improve as you’re going to get accustomed to flying. Being a fighter pilot

The experience of being a fighter pilot is certainly one of a kind and if adrenaline is what you’re looking for, then there’s plenty of it to be had by taking flight courses. Before you can fly a real fighter jet though, you’ll need to attend a full briefing that covers aerial combat, gun sight tracking, but also formation flight maneuvers. Once you get your flight suit on and take off, you’ll have full control of the jet so you can engage your enemy in real combat.

Making swift decisions, outmaneuvering your opponent, pulling G’s and finally pulling the trigger is an incredible experience that few people get to have. Depending on the flight school you consider, some may also include an HD video on a Flash stick from the in-cockpit cameras which is going to help keep the memory of flying alive for many years to come!

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