Airplane Etiquette Rules That Everyone Should Know


inside airlineAir travel can be much more efficient when you are up-to-date with the latest information that you need to prepare for your trip. Some few years ago, flying was a memorable experience that involved dressing up, boarding a plane and being served full meals. Today, flying can suck, and you have to be prepared for that. It is cramped, time-consuming and brings the worst in people. However, there is a way to improve flight experience, only if everyone cooperates.

In all aspects of life, some rules and regulations affect traveling by plane. Some of these rules are just good common sense practices while others are acquired through specific training. Let us look at some ground rules that we can observe to make flying more friendly, as long as everyone plays by these rules. The basics include;

Respect the Space of Those Around You

It goes without much h explanation that you need to comply with the space of those around you. Limit what you take on board the plane to a small bag that can fit into your allocated bin. Note that the armrests are narrow and you need to show respect for the people on either side of you. Always stay out of their personal space. Note that reclining your seat all the way backward can affect the legroom of the person behind you.

Respect the Lavatory

First, you need to respect the lavatory. Do not take a lot of time and don’t make a mess. Leave the washroom in good condition as you found it. If you have picked food along the way, stick to something comfortable that would not disturb your digestion. Similarly, as far as grooming is concerned, keep in mind that overly strong scent can be disturbing.

Keep Children in Check

Parents may get exhausted, but it remains your responsibility to keep children in check. As a passenger, if a child misbehaves, talk to the parent and don’t scold the child. It is not your place to correct the behavior of a strange child, as you will only annoy the parent who can correct such behavior.

Don’t be a Chatterbox

passengersMany people enjoy flying in silence. Before you start engaging your neighbor, learn to take a hint. You may need to introduce yourself as you sit, to get a feel of the other person’s state of mind and mood. If they quickly dismiss you by opening a book, be respectful and stop engaging. If they answer back, watch your talk and control your chat up to a point where all flows well.

Communication with Airline Personnel

Always be polite and courteous when talking to airline personnel. Their responsibility is to ensure that you arrive at your destination safely, and that means they will speak to you once they notice anything not in line with the set rules and regulations. Respect their space as they will always respect yours. If an airport personnel asks a question, give a straight response with respect. Don’t try to draw the unnecessary scene as your neighbors will likely watch the engagement.

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