Do you often find yourself craving for information about airplanes? You have then landed on the right place. You will find useful information about planes including their history, features, advancements, types, operation and facts. The following is a close look at important aspects about airplanes that you will find in this website.

History on airplanes

The first self-propelled and heavier-than-air aircraft was made in 1903 by the Wright brothers. By 1905, their aircraft would remain aloft for over 35 minutes and make complex maneuvers. Since then, their idea was taken up and has undergone several advancements. The World War II served as a test for using the airplane as a weapon, during which planes demonstrated and proved their capability for use as war machines.

New and old planes

The advancements in technology have changed how airplanes appear and operate today. Modern planes are more powerful and safer with better mechanism of propulsion. New planes come in various types which include cargo planes, UAVS that take over military skies, rocket planes, Fighter jet and passenger planes.

Learning how to fly

Do you have the passion for flying but find it difficult to achieve? You don’t have to hang up your flying dream. You will find tips and ways that you can utilize to learn how to fly on this website. Most of them need financial resources although there a few that may even pay to get trained. Some of the best ways to become a pilot are through the military, aviation universities, pro flight academies, local flight schools and family training.

Air shows

They are public event during which aviators show the flying capabilities of their planes and skills to spectators using aerobatics. They are usually held as trade events or business venture to promote planes to potential customers in military, local or national charities. In the US, the air shows last from March to November which is quite great for airplane fanatics.

It is clear that there is a great deal of interesting info for airplane enthusiasts. Navigating throughout the website will let you understand various subjects related to airplanes. So, be sure to check our webpages and for real, you will be triggered to know more about airplanes.

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